Saturday, January 22, 2011


Let me reveal you one success secret, that perhaps will surprise you. Most likely your mind won’t accept it, but don’t reject this idea right away and think about it. SUCCESS IS A NATURAL WAY OF DEVELOPING EVENTS; FAILURE IS A DEVIATION FROM THE NORM.

Now let me clarify why it happens this way and why there are more failures then winners in the world. On the page intention, I explain the law of the least resistance. It means, that Universe follows the line of the least resistance; it brings into reality things, that requires the least amount of energy, but it does not mean the big things in our understanding require more energy. Please look around: the nature is full of abundance, it is wasteful in all. Look at the fields, covered by millions nice-looking flowers, at the mountains, at the oceans, at the forests. How great they are! The nature creates this beauty without any efforts. Abundance is a norm and an ordinary development of events. See how harmoniously everything is established in nature. It is amazing, isn’t it? Why do people have everything vice versa? This poverty amazes too! The answer is hidden in a human’s mind. Human’s life is controlled by his mind. All events have to follow the scenario defined by the mind in advance. And if something goes wrong it is interpreted as failure and as unpleasant coincidence of events. As a result the person begins to experience negative emotions. To say the truth the other scenario doesn’t mean "the worse" scenario. Because what is death for a caterpillar it is birth for a butterfly. 

Interpreting events in the negative way, we step aside from the road of abundance and success. A mind take control over our life. It pushes off the heart to the background. That's why in the most cases people face with failure, they move the line of the great resistance. Life is unpredictable, but mind tries to define everything and forecast all the variants of developing events in advance. But it is impossible! Being disappointed and unhappy with the present scenario person moves to a negative life line, where everything happens opposite to the persons wishes and desires. Human makes a great mistake. He thinks, that unpredictable scenario of the events development is worse than predictable. . Let your mind does not interfere into process of goals achievement and then you will get what you want. Loose a grasp of the control. Then an unconditional knowledge, that you are on the road to success will open to you. And nothing can stop you, because Universe is wasteful on wealth and plenty.