Saturday, May 22, 2010


1. Basic planning For the basic planning you'll need a sheet of paper and a pen. Please write down all the goals and plans for the next day on the sheet of paper. After completing the task strike it out from the list. This method is very simple and quite effective. But this method allows you to plan your life only for the next day. This is a great advantage over 80% of people who do not do this.

2. Advanced planning For the advanced planning you'll need
1. journal
2. executive appointments diary
3. calendar

Lets go through this items Journal – is a place for notes, where you'll write down all the important information such as thoughts and ideas, that you have come across during a day. You can hear good ideas and thoughts almost from any person, so be ready to write them down. Great idea may come into your mind suddenly any time, so get ready, and DO NOT ALLOW THIS IDEA TO SLIP AWAY FROM YOU. Great idea can change your life, if you catch it and do not allow to slip away. Always keep diary with yourself wherever you are. Executive appointments diary is the journal for your appointments and plans for each day. Your executive appointments diary can also be used to record major moments of a day and week. It has enough free space to record important passing thoughts and ideas and make some other notes. Please consider it as the main source for handling information during the whole day. Every night you are responsible for planning the next day: make up the list of the tasks and affairs to be completed the next day. Here is one simple rule: DO NOT BEGIN THE NEXT DAY UNTIL IT IS PROPERLY PLANNED. This is extremely important point the full strategy achieving success and wealth in life. If you do not plan the next day at night, you may be sure, you loose at least 2 hours at once. In the worst case all the day will be useless and you will do nothing this day. The man does not see the priorities, that is why he does unimportant tasks. In the end of day it seems, that he was doing something all the day, but does not know what exactly, and no tasks are completed.

Using the executive appointments diary summary 1. Organize your life, make up the detailed list of tasks and affairs needed to be done the next day
2. Thoroughly analyze your list and set up the clear priorities before you start to act.
3. Train yourself to handle only the most important tasks. Do them quickly and well. If you develop a habit of planning and setting up the priorities, your efficiency will increase significantly. And this will reflect on your career in a positive manner.