Monday, June 22, 2009

What is the planner calendar what is its main purpose?

The planner calendar is used for planning and setting up goals and action plans not only for the next day, but for long-term period. When you master the day planning, you're ready to proceed with planning the week. Here is one very important rule: DO NOT START THE WEEK BEFORE YOU SET UP ALL THE PLANS AND TASKS FOR THIS WEEK.

Then proceed with the month planning. Ask yourself: «What I need to do during this month?» The rule is the same: DO NOT START THE NEXT MONTH BEFORE YOU SET UP ALL THE PLANS AND GOALS FOR THIS MONTH.

Then you'll be able to manage your aims and goals for one month, then three months, six months and a year. I agree with you, if you're saying, that planning process is not a easy one and besides it takes some time, but I assure you, that by setting up goals and planning your life you will achieve considerable results in life, and will live much better lifestyle than those who does not do this. All your actions will be much more intelligent and efficient. They will become absolutely clear and focused on one primary goal. You will have to show the high level of self discipline. But if you do this, you can be considered as the master of your time. The planning process makes you thinking and gives a clear understanding of all your actions. The more you think about your actions and plan your activity, the faster you will achieve your goal and the greater result you will have.
The regular time planning allows you to devote more time and energy to the most important activity. This will increase the efficiency of your work in every field of your life.

The main advantage of the planning calendar is that you can plan the full vision of you life, forming and writing down all you goals for 5, 10, 20 year from now.

An additional planning tool, where you can combine all the tools listed above is the PC organizer. There are lots of good and easy to use planning software products. You can choose whatever is best for you. I can recommend the LeaderTask.
I wish you to become the master of your time!